Creating a booking in the student scheduling portal

After logging into the student scheduling portal, you're presented with a read Quick book screen.

It's an easy and quick way to create a reservation for flight training or aircraft rental.

As soon as you select an instructor or an aircraft you're interested in booking, you'll be presented with a list of available reservation slots.

If you see one that works for you, click the Book Now button to have it immediately reserved.

You can also narrow down the search further, by selecting the date from which you'd like to search for available slots from, duration, or location. (if the organization operates from more than one airport)

Furthermore, you can select No instructor option if you're interested in aircraft rental only, or provide a broader selection for an aircraft you're interested in. For example, if you type in "cessna" you can select from any available Cessna aircraft tail numbers, choose Any Cessna if you're interesting in renting any Cessna model, or select a specific model. (if your flight school has more than one aircraft of a specific model)

Scroll down the list to find a suitable booking slot for you, or click Show next to load more.

Calendar view

Alternatively, click on the View Schedule to open up a more traditional calendar view. The top bar filter list is similar to the one you'll find on the Quick book screen and works in the same way.

Each row on the calendar represents a resource you can book - aircraft/simulators, and instructors. Using filters will narrow down the available options for you. (for instance if you want to see the schedule for a particular aircraft and your favorite instructor!)

To create a booking, click on a particular time slot, or click and drag your mouse to the right to extend the slot duration.

The green vertical line represents the current time. You can't make bookings in the past.

Once done, you'll be presented with a booking details screen that will let you make adjustments before you create a reservation. If you selected an aircraft on the calendar view, but would like a lesson with an instructor, you can choose them here. You can also adjust the booking date, time, and the location. You can also see your booking in the context of the surrounding existing reservations, and if yours overlaps an existing one, it'll show up in red color and you'll be presented with a message.

If everything looks correct, you'll see a green bar representing the reservation you're about to make and the Book Now button will become available.

Click it, and the reservation is created! We'll show you the confirmation screen with all details.

You can download the calendar event file, which you can then import into your favorite calendar program.

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