Managing your fleet of aircraft and simulators

Fleet in Tailplane represents all resources that can be booked at your organization - like aircraft and simulators.

Head over to the Aircraft tab in the main menu:

Here's where you'll find a list of all your resources.

You can filter the list by manufacturer/model name, type, as well as sort it. You can also enable the visibility of additional columns, like location.

Changing the status of an aircraft

If you'd like to take a resource out of service (e.g. when it goes into maintenance and should no longer be available for reservations), you can click on the button in the Status column, as select an appropriate option.

You can edit an existing aircraft details, or delete it by clicking a button on its row in the results table.

Adding new aircraft

Click on the Add aircraft button to bring out the creation modal.

You can add the following information about a resource:

Manufacturer (required) - the manufacturing company, e.g. Cessna or Cirrus

Model (required) - specific model name, e.g. 172 Skyhawk

Registration/tail number (required) - tail number of an aircraft, or a serial number of a resource. Need to be unique within your organization and will be publicly visible.

Production year (optional) - the year in which a resource was produced

Location (required) - which location is the resource is assigned to

Type (required) - whether a resource is an aircraft or a simulator

Image (optional) - you can upload a photo that will be displayed alongside the resource

Once done, click Save changes. There's no limit on how many resources you can add, and you can also edit the information at any point in the future.

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